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Polyvinylidene Fluoride (Weather resistance, Chemical resistance)

Kynar® PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride) is a special thermoplastic resin that has been used for more than 50 years in applications that require high performance and high purity. Kynar® is marketed through our established global business network, which is backed by a strong supply chain that enables the continuous supply of materials from our business locations in America, Europe, and Asia, and also by the speedy development support of our R&D Centers.

Kynar® (PVDF)

PVDF is a fluorine resin that excels in weather resistance, chemical resistance, mechanical properties, gas-barrier property, and processability. The Kynar® product line consists of the Kynar® PVDF Homopolymer grades including Kynar®500, which is used in super weather-resistant exterior painting; Kynar®740, which is widely used in the chemical industry; and the Kynar Flex® (PVDF Copolymer) grades, which are copolymerized with hexafluoropropylene (HFP) to offer the flexibility of an elastomer. All these grades are utilized in a wide range of application areas and purposes.

Kynar® PVDF

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