Consumer Goods

Arkema products are also used in various aspects of daily life, such as sports, cosmetics, and eyewear. By applying its leading-edge technologies to the consumer world, Arkema supplies highly reliable and meticulously eco-conscious products, thus contributing to the development of consumer products that help people to live a more comfortable and sustainable life every day.




Pebax® is Arkema's thermoplastic polyamide elastomer that uses polyamide for hard segments and polyether for soft segments.
The Pebax® 33 Series, which uses polyamide 12 for hard segments, offers a combination of features including low specific gravity, stable flexibility and shock resistance at low temperatures, excellent bending-fatigue and rebound resiliences, and easy molding. This series has been adopted in a wide range of applications from sports shoes, skiing boots, and other sporting goods to industrial tubing and belts.
On the other hand, Pebax® Rnew, a bio-based polyamide elastomer whose hard segment uses polyamide 11 derived from castor oil, achieves a renewable carbon content of 20-95% (ratio of plant-based carbon) without impairing the outstanding features that characterize the Pebax® 33 Series.
Also available are special grades that function as polymer type antistatic agents or moisture-permeable waterproof membranes.

Sport shoes

Rilsan® Clear

Rilsan® Clear is an amorphous high-transparency polyamide. Thus far, it is typically used in sunglasses frames that require design elaboration and moldability. To make further effective use of its outstanding transparency, chemical resistance, and shock resistance, we are also expanding its application areas to optical lenses, transparent components for electric/electronic products, healthcare, sports, and general industrial and automotive uses.



Platamid® is used as a hot-melt adhesive for fusible interlining, industrial and construction materials, electronics, and automotive interior materials. With its excellent adhesiveness to various polar materials, Platamid® has a successful track record in adhesive applications that require high reliability.
Also available are special grades utilizing Arkema's unique formulating technology, including grades that have both solubility in methanol, ethanol, and other alcohols solvents and outstanding adhesiveness to epoxy, vinyl chloride, NBR, ABS substrates.

Cleated Shoe Components