Science Day 2013

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Kyoto Technical Center held a “Science Day” for students from École Française du Kansai.

After celebrating its 20th anniversary in August of last year, Kyoto Technical Center held a “Science Day” event on the 10th of December 2013. The total of about 40 teachers and students of École Française du Kansai in Kyoto were invited to participate in this educational event and it is hoped it will result in a more meaningful relationship with the local community.

Atsushi Miyabo, General Manager of Kyoto Technical Center said, “Kyoto Technical Center has been acting as Arkema’s R&D base in the Asia Pacific region for 20 years. In August 2013 we marked the 20th anniversary of our foundation. We hope to continue our growth by joining hands with our stakeholders. It is in this spirit that we decided to hold a Science Day event and invite schoolchildren to our center. We wanted to introduce our activities as a French chemical company in Japan as well as to foster the children’s interest in the world of science. Investment in children means investment in the next generation of leaders and so it is of great importance to us”.



The Science Day started with an introduction of Arkema’s profile, and was followed by a briefing about staff members’ job responsibilities. Employees from a wide range of departments such as Finance, IT and Sales each gave a simple explanation of what kind of work they did. After that, the staff at Kyoto Technical Center talked about the application areas of Arkema’s unique materials, showing actual samples to explain what products they are used for. The participants then moved to the laboratory and were invited to inspect samples with microscopes as well as witness the manufacturing process of samples using laser sintering and a demonstration of injection molding of polymer.



Jean-Luc Jouk, President of ARKEMA K.K., commented by saying, “The entire Kyoto Technical Center team has been thoroughly preparing this event together with the teachers. I would like to thank everyone for its efforts and congratulate all participants that have made this event a great success”.


At the end of this half-day-long Science Day, after relaxing over lunch, Mr. Jouk presented École Française du Kansai with 12 units of used laptop computers to support its students’ future learning.

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