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Arkema and Central Glass Announce Alliance

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Arkema and Central Glass are proud to announce that the two companies have created an alliance for Forane® 1233zd for the Japanese market.  Forane® 1233zd is a low global warming potential (GWP = 1), non-volatile organic compound, which can be used as a refrigerant in heat transfer equipment and as a foam blowing agent.  The material is non-flammable, has a low vapor pressure, and is non-ozone depleting.  Forane® 1233zd provides improved energy efficiency (thermal insulation performance) in refrigerators and freezers, and a high insulation value for other critical cold chain and spray foam applications. 

Central Glass

Central Glass, formerly called Ube Soda Industry Co., Ltd., was established in 1936 in Ube City in Yamaguchi. With soda production as its base, the company expanded into the fertilizer business and later, in 1958, launched its glass business. The company changed its name to Central Glass Co., Ltd. in 1963. Today, Central Glass has expanded into a wide range of fields, including architectural glass, automotive glass, glass for electronic materials, chemicals, fertilizers, fine chemicals and glass fibers, and continually strives to respond to the diversified needs of society. The Company has 40 subsidiaries and 18 associated companies (as of March 31, 2017). Central Glass will contribute to the establishment of a truly prosperous society through the spirit of “Monozukuri”.


*Monozukuri refers to all the business activities in which the Central Glass Group engages with a basic stance of integrity and sincerity, including R&D, quality oriented manufacturing, and sales.


Central Glass Co., Ltd.   Official website


Forane® is a registered trademark of Arkema.




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